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Audi 80 1.6E Avant 8C B4 Estate Accelerator Cable EU MADE 811721555AA


Audi 80 1.6 Saloon (81, 85, B2)
Audi 80 Avant (8C, B4) Estate
Cable Length 890 / 600mm
OE Part Number 811721555AA
Fits RHD (UK) and LHD (European) Models

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Audi 80 1.6E Avant 8C B4 Estate Accelerator Cable EU MADE 811721555AA


Adjusting cables while somewhat simple in terms of mechanical tasks, is often not a simple operation when you look at all the adjustments. What? There’s more than one thing to adjust?

At the throttle housing section on the bar sometimes both cables have adjustment, sometimes only one. The same applies on the throttle body or carb end too. One or both have adjustment; so where do you start?

The most obvious place to start is at the bar end. Look at your cables and see which one has the adjustment. Normally you will see an exposed adjuster of a hex shaped cylinder and a lock nut or a nylon cylinder and lock ring. Other cables have a rubber sleeve hiding/protecting the adjuster.

The first test is to use only finger and thumb and see how much free play you have in the throttle cables. Can you get an 1/8 or more of a turn? Is it more or less than that. You “feel” free play with very light movement. Therefore if there’s no movement, there’s no free play.

How much free play should there be? That’s a personal decision for each and every one of you. You can go from zero free play to a maximum of 1/8 of a turn. Any more than that and you are substantially increasing the amount of rotation the throttle grip (therefore your wrist) goes through!

Most throttle tubes range from a 1/4 turn to a 1/3 of a turn. The less rotation you have the quicker the fuel gets to the engine – so what amount of rotation do you have? Go on, get out to your bike and check it!

Audi 80 Accelerator Cable

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